Grant Application Available July 1, 2023


Member clubs must submit the Grassroots Development Grant Follow-up Report to NCWAY later than July 1st annually.

Late or incomplete Follow-up Reports will result in grant payments being withheld and/or previously paid funds required to be returned; and may jeopardize the club’s eligibility to receive grant funds in the future. 

Any unused funds, or funds that are used for purposes that do not adhere to these guidelines, will be required to be returned. 



The Grassroots Development Grant Follow-up must include the following: 

1) A signed and completed follow-up form. NCWAY member wrestling clubs receiving funding will be asked to provide details on the scope and impact of wrestling programs supported by Grassroots Development Grant funds. These details – to be included in a follow-up report at end of season – may include, but not limited to: 

  • Description of programs offered (ie. type of program; duration; impacts; success/challenges; etc.)
  • Numbers of individuals and communities involved in programs offered 
  • Number of new or developing athletes and coaches impacted 
  • Ages, gender and other demographic information, if offered voluntarily by participants. 

2) Financial documentation to verify expenditures. Financial documentation (receipts) to verify expenditures can take various forms but should at a minimum: 

  • Indicate name of recipient (person or business) of the funds. 
  • Describe goods or services provided for payment. 
  • Disclose the amount of the payment. 
  • Include the date that the goods/services were purchased. 
  • Include third party verification (supplier logo on an invoice, signature of the recipient on an expense claim, or in the rare case where there is no other backup documentation, a copy of the check, with the bank clearing stamp on the back). 
  • Receipts submitted to verify expenses can only be claimed once for all grants received by a club, coach or athlete. (the same expense cannot be used to claim or verify funding assistance for more than one grant program.) 
  • NOTE: Legible copies of documents for financial accountability (i.e. receipts, cancelled checks, invoices, expense claims, etc.) are acceptable. 


Organizations are required to submit the applications and follow-ups to: 


P.O. Box 722

Dunn, NC 28335