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NCWAY Schedule

Division I Schedule

Rookie Tournament Schedule

Division II Schedule

Novice Scramble Schedule

Div I NCWAY Tournaments

The Div I Tournaments are the NCWAY Marquee Events. These events will be highly promoted and held to strict guidelines. These events will be events in which there is an extra award linked to the event. Awards will be NCWAY approved. Some awards will consist of a partnership Series in which an extra award is given for winning all events in the Series or an event in which wrestlers Qualify for National Teams (Qualifier Event).

Rookie NCWAY Events

The Rookie Events are NOT NCWAY Tournaments. These events will be hosted on Sunday afternoons and run less than 4 hours. These events allow 1st & 2nd year wrestlers an opportunity to earn mat time. Rookie events may not hold weigh-ins. These events will be events in which wrestlers of similar size and abilities will be paired in a round-robin format. Medals will not be awarded at these events.