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Nuway, founded by Dave Dean of Lowell, Michigan is an organization built on the premise of protecting and preserving Folkstyle Wrestling throughout the country. The organization started a decade ago when the wrestling community of Michigan embraced a grassroots effort to organize the people and resources of their great state. Dave started MYWA with a small group of people that made up a few local wrestling clubs. Over the last decade the organization has flourished and today has over nine thousand youth participants. The resources derived from membership, and events are invested back into the Michigan Wrestling community. These Investments are made in the form of sponsorhips for members to participate in exchanges and national events as well as grants to collegiate wrestling programs in need. As a result of MYWA, wrestling in Michigan has improved, and college programs throughout the state are healthy. The movement has now spread to thirteen states throughout the nation. The NUWAY model is spreading due to the vision of men and woman of goodwill whom are building strong relationships and alliances in hope of preserving and protecting our great sport.