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NCWAY Mission Statement

Our Mission
North Carolina Wrestling Association for Youth (NCWAY) is a non-profit organization formed to aid in the organization, assembly, coaching, and travel of wrestlers of all ages.  NCWAY’s mission is to create a self-sustaining folkstyle organization to assist in the growth and preservation of the sport of wrestling in North Carolina. Within this mission, the primary purpose of NCWAY is to protect, preserve, and advance folkstyle wrestling at all levels using a grassroots effort focusing on investing in programs and wrestlers within the state.
NCWAY Objectives
1. Increase the number of wrestlers and wrestling programs in North Carolina.
2. Standardize competitive formats to be efficient and user-friendly.
3. Encourage cooperation with other wrestling organizations in North Carolina to best serve the North Carolina Wrestling Community.
4. Provide the financial and organizational means for North Carolina wrestlers to compete at regional and national events when possible.
5. Provide support for wrestling programs in North Carolina when possible, both financial and otherwise.