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NCWAY Memberships


 You can now sign-up and pay for your club membership or individual memberships online. All existing clubs from past seasons still have existing accounts. IF YOU CREATED AN ACCOUNT LAST YEAR AND DON'T REMEMBER THE LOGIN PLEASE EMAIL US DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT!

Please note that parents of wrestlers can sign-up for their own individual accounts and attach their wrestlers to your specific club. If your child was a member in the past do not re-enter them. Create your login account, DON'T add your wrestler, email NCWAY and we will link you to your wrestler. However, club administrators can still sign-up and pay for all their wrestlers if they wish to maintain full control of their membership. THE ONLINE MEMBERSHIP INSTRUCTIONS ARE LISTED IN THE LOWER HALF OF THIS PAGE.

CLUB ONLINE ADMINISTRATORSPlease note that you can't delete members from the system. Also if a child is already in the system under another team PLEASE email us to switch them to your club do not create duplicates.

The individual membership fee provides SECONDARY SPORTS INSURANCE COVERAGE and funding for a NCWAY sponsored teams that travel annually to national events.



  • $100.00 for Returning NCWAY Clubs
  • $125.00 for New Clubs


  • $15.00 for Club Affiliated Membership (Member of an NCWAY Club)
  • $25.00 for Non-Club Affiliated Membership (Independent Wrestler)


  • $25.00 for all Coaches Cards



STEP. 1 - Click on the link at the bottom of these instructions.

STEP. 2 - Select need to register (only for new users; existing please log in using your account)

STEP. 3 - Fill in Administrator or Parent User Information and then Login

STEP. 4 - You are now at the MY PROFILE SCREEN or TAB which is the admin/parent profile tab. Fill in PARENT/CLUB ADMIN INFO and Click UPDATE

STEP. 5 - If you are a parent Click on the MY WRESTLERS link. This is where you create the athlete profile. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and CLICK ADD NEW WRESTLER. If your child was already a NCWAY member please contact NCWAY to link you to their existing NCWAY account, do not re-add them to the system.

NOTE: If you are a club administrator, Click on the MY CLUB link. This is where you create the athlete profile. Click the link next to the club name that says CLUB WRESTLERS. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and CLICK ADD NEW WRESTLER. 

STEP. 6 - When adding members Please Capitalize the first letter in their First and Last Name only (DO NOT use all lower case letters or all capitals)

STEP. 7 - A wrestler profile screen should pop up. Enter the wrestlers information, Select his/her Club, Upload a picture if you choose. Then Click the ADD button.

STEP. 8 - Once you have your members in your club. You can add them to your shopping cart by clicking the cart next to their name under actions. Once everyone is in the cart you want to pay for click the Checkout cart at the top.